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A. Rose 20 Mar 2018
This moving company made my house move stress-free and actually rather enjoyable. I certainly wasn't expecting such a level of service when I booked with LiverpoolRemovals.
Andrew Cain 18 Sep 2017
I always love being able to write a positive review when I get good service from a company, and LiverpoolRemovals really outdid themselves. Everything I asked for they went out of their way to provide, even if it wasn't strictly something they normally did, and the movers who helped were clearly experts and filled me with confidence. It was nice to work with a local company that was so friendly, helpful and experienced.
John 08 Apr 2015
A big thanks to Removal Firm for their professional removals services. I needed a lot of help with my big family move, and the movers here were absolutely perfect. From carrying furniture downstairs to getting it all into the van, the work the movers did was fantastic and very much appreciated! If you're moving to a new home and want professional movers on a budget, this is the company for you!
Kane R. 17 Mar 2015
I recently moved house and was forced to look for a removal company to help, but was still hesitant and hung up over the service I had endured the last time had to relocate. Friends kept insisting I give LiverpoolRemovals a try, so despite my scepticism, I gave them a call and booked their services. I had no qualms about it, but was still feeling apprehensive when they turned up at my door, but my worries were quickly put to rest. Professional, efficient and a delight to be around, they were brilliant from the word go.
Harri 06 Jan 2015
Ended up hiring LiverpoolRemovals as they were the only firm who were available on my moving day and while I was a bit concerned about what sort of service I might end up with, they really proved their worth. Think they're an up-and-coming firm in the area and it was good for me that they hadn't been snapped up yet. Their house removal included all the vans, movers and packing materials that I needed and all at a really good price.
Jessie A. 22 Oct 2014
Packing is my absolute least-favourite part of moving, and as someone who moves around a lot, it's something that I end up doing more frequently than I'd like! I'm glad to have finally found a professional packing service that's worth my time and money! I contacted LiverpoolRemovals after reading some good stuff about them, and they definitely came through for me when I needed them! All of my fragile goods were properly and carefully handled and packed with the best supplies to keep them safe! I was a bit worried about losing track of things, but their labelling system is flawless! Great job!
Jeremy Clark 10 Sep 2014
When my wife and I moved, for the first time in our lives, to our first home, we wanted it to be easy. Our parents told us about a well recommended company, LiverpoolRemovals and so naturally we chose them. Thankfully, they were indeed as good as they said they were. Professional, decent, efficient and most of all good value for money. We were very happy with the overall service. They made our first move so easy!
Tommie Rhodes 26 Jun 2014
It's nice to be surprised by a service for once. With my recent house move, I'm happy to report that LiverpoolRemovals delivered a really excellent service and that I couldn't be happier with what they had to offer. Of all the companies I talked to, they were the only ones who made me feel reassured that I'd made the right choice. Come the day of the move, this proved to be correct and all of the help they provided was of the highest possible quality. Thanks again to everyone who was there, could not have done it without you.
Stacey 19 Feb 2014
Living in London space really is at a premium, and for our family having a storage unit is an essential extra bit of room for all those things you don't want to part with but simply clutter your home. The kids love a trip to the unit so that they can run through the corridors and rummage through all our boxes. I couldn't be more happy with the service from LiverpoolRemovals; every single one of their staff is helpful and friendly and the price I pay for it is just fantastic given its location only a twenty minute drive from our home. If you need your own unit I would recommend these guys.
Mary Wells 10 Nov 2013
Getting everything that you own from one place to another that is far, far away (namely, Scotland) seems like a nigh on impossible task. LiverpoolRemovals made exactly that move a lot more easy for me, so I was very pleased to pay as little as I did for their services. The team were well turned out and very polite, and nothing was broken, so what more could I want? A great company with lovely staff, highly recommended to all I know already!